Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end…

Full disclosure here, I’ve been pretty much an emotional wreck since the beginning of Covid-19, and I’m sure I’m not at all alone in this.  I’ve gone through all the stages of grief,  in their exact order… as follows;

Denial – Michelle: “ok, this is just a blip, a few weeks max, it’ll all go back to normal soon”

Anger – Michelle: “This is officially bullshit,   Why is this happening? What is going on with our world, we are losing billions of dollars and the economy is tanked.  How can any of us be expected to get through this?  I miss my friends and loved ones.  I need a hug!! This is so unfair!”

Bargaining –  Michelle: “Ok – maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick to close,  should have stayed open for takeout, maybe that would have made me feel less like shit” (*proceeded to open for takeout trying various options but still something just isn’t feeling right – it’s just not the vision I had created, but going through the motions of it to pay the bills)

Depression – And oh has this one been the worst of them all!  Michelle:  “Sadness and mourning for what was.  The people that are no longer able to be here to share in this magical place.  Anxiety and not sleeping has overcome, to the point where my thoughts are consumed with the what if’s – what if I can’t afford to re-open?   What if people don’t want to go out/come back? What if the restrictions are so tight, it makes re-opening my small space almost impossible? What if everything I ended a 26 year career for, and sunk so much money, passion and time in to is just going to disappear? …what if…what if what if… OMG,  ok, I’ll just have another glass of wine”

Acceptance – Michelle: “F**k this, I’m done.  If there is one thing I know about myself it’s that I have always had an innate ability to pull a damn rabbit out of my hat when there isn’t a rabbit, or even a hat.  When it seems impossible, I manage to find a way to re-frame, and attack it in a different way.  I’ve never been afraid of change or reinvention, and I’m not about to start now.”

So – as the title suggests, which also happens to be Jake’s and my favourite Semisonic song to play at the end of the nights at Karma when we are ready to kick you all out… all endings are simply a starting place for new beginnings.  And while Karma is far from ending, I am now focusing 100% on her reinvention,  in a way that I know will come with as much joy and laughter and magic as it did before.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be taking advantage of this time to give this spot a face lift, a rejuvenation if you will.  Kind of like an already pretty middle aged woman getting some botox or a little filler.  When you see her, not a lot will have “obviously” changed but she will look fresher and with a newfound glow and confidence.

Progress began yesterday, and it will be continuing over the next few weeks until we are given the green light to open.  You may see a few posts here and there on Facebook about it.  I have some big plans for our opening weekend and I cannot wait to welcome you all back with open arms.

I will still be offering takeout charcuterie boxes & wine on Friday and Saturday’s only between the hours of 3-5pm for anyone who is interested.  Online ordering for these continues to be available.  To keep some of the Karma vibe going, and when the weather permits, we will continue to invite our amazing musicians, Matte Lalonde, Paul Longden, Kristopher Marentette, Bob Souillere & Jim O’Neil to come play on the patio for you on Fridays & Saturdays (or maybe even a sunny Sunday afternoon) via facebook live in the mean time until we are given the green light to open again.

i’ve learned so many lessons over the course of this pandemic, far too many to even describe, but I will say the biggest one was that failure has never been an option for me before, and it certainly will not now.  Thank you My Lovelies, for your support &  love, your messages, words of encouragement and for just being you.  We will be together again soon!

Michelle xo


3 Replies to “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end…”

  1. We will be together soon! Positive thoughts that you and Jake will ride this out and come out strong on the other end. Miss you both and your cute little bar! ?

  2. Hey little Momma!!! You are the lady!! Stay Strong, Healthy, and we are with you and will be more than ready for the “opening ” guess focus on the good is the theme!!!! Xo

  3. Ah Michelle! You have cultivated a space that those of us who come won’t leave you alone. Karma is a gem in a busy whirlwind of life and will always welcome us from the craziness of life. An escape, a glass of wine, smiles and hugs, a familiar face and music. We will all be back once that screen door is open! You can count on that my friend!

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