Things I’ve Learned – The Sequel

When the pandemic first began and all the crazy toilet paper hoarding was happening, and we were being forced to isolate in our homes, I began updating my personal page facebook statuses each evening with the “things I learned today”.  Most of which were written to inject a little bit of humour into the situation and remind people that everything didn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

I spent many a day watching my squirrels, talking to my garden gnomes or pondering about birds and their baby making.  Riveting stuff, I know!  As the weeks and months progressed, I ran out of things to learn and write about because I felt that telling everyone ” I like wine” was becoming a bit too repetitive.  😉  So I stopped writing them.

This morning laying in bed and thinking about everything I have to do to get ready to open the bar for another weekend, I was thinking about the things I’ve learned in the past few weeks since we have opened.

So, here we go with Season One, Episode One of “Things I’ve Learned Since We’ve Been Back Baby!”  (The sequel to the facebook status series,  “Things I’ve learned Today – The Pandemic”)

  1.  Always Be Prepared – Isn’t that what they teach you in cub scouts or some shit?  Clearly not advice I remembered to take on my re-opening night gong show!
  2.  It’s super fun to pretend you’re playing a live version of Donkey Kong when you roll out the wine barrel barriers
  3. Tent poles are your enemy!  Especially when you’re a total uncoordinated klutz like me.  (A reminder that I broke my leg walking,  and you should see me attempting to get on a jet ski…) I’m pretty sure I slammed into or tripped over the poles a minimum of 10 times.   It’s like a game every Monday called “Guess how many new bruises I got this weekend?”
  4. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of being called “Miss” or “Hey” – Apparently it makes me agitated and causes me to yell profanities at my wonderful customers who think it’s funny to irritate me.  (Love you guys!)
  5. It’s really freeking hot working outside for hours on end in the dead of summer.   I’m pretty sure I signed up to stand behind a bar in super cold air conditioning and have you all come up to me to get your drinks.  What’s with this having to run around and sweat my ass off crap?  (I apologize to all of you every weekend for my ever growing out of control  “Monica in Barbados” hair as a result of the heat & humidity )
  6. Why do people think it’s ok to ride their bikes directly through my patio area?  Pretty sure the barriers, tables and umbrellas and people sitting out there should give you the hint that this is now a patio.  Do you ride your bikes through your living room or kitchen?  Just sayin.
  7. I’m so loving Sunday Funday’s again.  However, thunderstorms and outdoor drinking/dining are the bar owners nightmare!  Especially when your bar resides on a waterfront road.  Takes me back to point number 1 – Always be prepared. Damn… Looks like I forgot that one again!
  8. I’m super blessed to have such supportive and die hard customers (My Lovelies).  The wonderful words of support and encouragement, getting to see your smiling faces and having some “air hugs” from you all has meant the world to me these past few weeks, and reminded me of why I’m doing what I’m doing.  (Also, I’m really liking those tips, not gonna lie!) 😉
  9. People step up for you when you need them – I’m blessed to have you all in my life.  Regardless of the fact that I consider myself a fighter and try to stay as upbeat as I can, I’ve definitely had some setbacks, rough times and dark moments in the last while.  You have all helped get me back on track, put up with me and motivated me to keep going.   You know who you all are.  I love and thank you dearly.
  10.  It’s always better to focus on the positive, even when everything feels like it’s going to shit,  just put your feet up on the coffee table, look at each other and laugh through the tears, because at the end of the day, that’s whats going to get you through!   There is always a solution to every challenge or problem, you just have to want to find it.

And Lastly….I love wine 😉

Cheers My Lovelies.  Hope to see many of you this weekend for more Cocktails & Dreams!

– Michelle

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